Data management

Subject of the information: legal background, legal basis, purpose of data management on the website, the range of personal data managed, and their periodic duration.

Name, accessibility of the data manager:

EmpireClinic Egészségügyi Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság / Health service limited liability company

Postal address and seat:
H – 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Grábner Emil Str. 11 – 13

036 – 96 – 208 – 208,



With regard to the legal basis of data management, the data manager will use Regulation No EU2016 / 679.

Name, accessibility of the data protection officer:

I, data management information in connection with the programs used on the website:

1, Google

For details, please visit the following link:


2, Hotjar:
For details, please visit the following link:


Information received via “COOKIE” is not stored on our website.

II, Basic principles of data management:

Personal information can then be managed if
(a) the person concerned gives his consent, or
(b) it is prescribed by law or, by virtue of a power of attorney, by the Local Self-Government Ordinance for the public interest (further: compulsory data management).

Declaration of underage persons who are incapacitated or capable of limited activity requires the consent of the legal representative, with the exception of those parts of the service where the declaration seeks to be registered in everyday life, and which requires no special consideration. Personal information may be administered for specific purposes, in the interest of the exercise of rights and the performance of obligations. At every stage of data management, this purpose must be met.

Only those personal data that are essential for the realization of the purpose of data management, that are suitable for achieving the purpose, can be managed only in a degree and time necessary to achieve the purpose. The personal data can only be managed with the appropriate information based consent. The data subject must be informed clearly, comprehensibly and in detail about all facts in connection with the administration of the information, in particular the purpose and the legal basis of the data management, the person authorized to manage the data and data processing, the duration of the data administration or more who can get to know the data. The information must cover the rights and remedies available in connection with the data management concerned. The managed personal information must meet the following requirements: a) their reception and administration are decent and legal; b) they are accurate, complete and, if necessary, timely; (c) the way in which they are stored is such that the person concerned is identifiable only for the period necessary for the purpose of storage. An unrestricted general unified person identifier is prohibited. The personal details can then be forwarded, and the various data administrations can then be linked together if the person concerned has contributed, or the law authorizes them, and the conditions for data management for all personal data are met. Personal data (including special data) may be forwarded from the country to a third country to a data manager or data processor if the data subject has given their express consent or as permitted by law, and the administration or processing of the data transferred Data in the third country the corresponding protection of personal data is ensured. The forwarding to the states of the EEC must be considered as if the data forwarding took place in the territory of the Hungarian Republic.

III, data management in connection with the registration:

1, Legal Reason: Consent according to EU Regulation No. 2016/679 Article No. 6, furthermore Law No. V of 2013 on the Civil Code and Law No. CXII of 2011 (Info Law) 2, Legal title: Consent and legitimate interest under EU Regulation No. 2016/679 Article Nos. 6. (1) / a and 6. (1) / f. 3, Purpose: The data manager can use the information obtained during the registration process to provide more accurate information and to provide more responsible, professionally competent advice. 4, List of managed information: As a rule, name, e-mail address, telephone number, brief description of the state of the mouth. 5, duration of data management: until recall of consent:

IV, About the use of the data manager and the activity related to data management:

The Data Manager accepts the following legal entity as Data Processor: Short name of the company:

MiniCRM Zrt./AG Company name: MiniCRM Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság / Service and trading company
Company headquarters: 1075 Budapest, Madách Imre Str. 13-14
Commercial Register Number: 01-10-047449
Tax number: 23982273-2-42
EU tax number: HU 23982273
Representative: Leskó Norbert (+ 36-20-236-7532)
Server Service Provider: T-Systems Magyarország Zrt. – Adatpark Budapest (1087 Budapest, Asztalos Sándor Str. 13, Tel .: 1400, E-mail:,
Data Management Record Number: NAIH-64809/2013.

V, The rights you have in the course of data management:

During the period of data management you are entitled to:
1, Transparent information
2, access right
3, cancellation right
4, right to correct
5, right to restrict the data management
6, right to data viability
7, Automated data management

1, The data manager provides information on the legal basis of the data management, its duration and its type on the website concerned and in its institute with the help of the data management information.
2, The data subject is entitled in the course of data management that his personal data are accessible, he receives an extract about it, the existence of the data management receives information. The Data Administrator undertakes to comply with such requests within the period specified in the legislation, at the latest one month after their arrival.
3, The personal data of the data subject are deleted at the request of the data manager during the period of data management within the period specified in the legal regulation. This right is available to the person concerned throughout the entire period of data management.
4, The data subject is entitled to submit an application for correction of personal data during the entire period of data management, which is obliged to comply with this.
5, The data subject is entitled to ask for the restriction of the circle of personal data, if according to the person concerned: – the data management is illegal, – the person concerned denies the accuracy of the personal information, – the legitimate claims of the person concerned make this necessary, – the person concerned protests against the data management.
6, The data subject is entitled to receive a copy from the data manager via his personal data on request, or he instructs the data manager to forward it to another data administrator.
7, On the other hand, the person concerned may submit an objection that such decisions are compulsory for him as a result of automated data management.

VI, Modification of Data Management Information

The Data Manager reserves the right to modify the present Data Management Information. By applying the website after the modification comes into effect, the modified data management information is accepted.

VII, Remedies

If you believe that the Data Controller has violated your right to provide personal information, or has not or not fully complied with your request, you may initiate the resolution of your alleged unlawful situation with the Hungarian Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority by initiating a review (Address: 1530 Budapest, PF 5, e-mail: ugyfelszolgalat @