Here you find the most frequently asked questions regarding dental treatment in Hungary

Dental FAQ HungaryYou can contact our colleagues in the scheduling department or get in touch with us by calling or faxing our reception desk, or just simply e-mail us.

No, you won't have any language difficulties because our colleagues (receptionists, doctors and assistants) speak several languages. You can contact us in English, German, French and Hungarian.

You can get a detailed treatment plan and quotation by e-mail, fax or post. You just have to send us a recent panoramic x-ray or the treatment plan from your own dentists.
The costs vary according to the type and extent of the dental treatment, and the material used.

Dental treatments cost about 50-60% less than that in the other Western-European countries. You can ask for our detailed price list.

In Hungary, we use the same materials that are used as in the UK or Western Europe, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc.

We will gladly provide you with a provisional treatment and cost plan from the distance. You only need to send us either a current treatment plan from your local dentist and / or a current panoramic X-ray.

During the on-site consultation, you will receive all information Your treatment: You will not only be informed about the costs, but also about other important facts, such as: Procedure of treatment, number and length of necessary visits to the clinic etc.

Our clinic accepts credit cards and cash. You can pay in Euros, British pounds, Hungarian forints, Danish crowns and other foreign currencies as well. Travelers checks are accepted by the Hungarian National Savings Bank OTP, located next door to us.

Of course, after each dental visit you will get a detailed invoice.

Our invoices will generally be accepted by foreign health insurance companies. However, we suggest that you consult your health insurance company prior to a dental treatment in Hungary, and bring along the documents required. We will gladly fill them out for you.

A guarantee will be granted for all dental restorations in the form of a warranty-card. You will find more information on our guarantee policy in the Guarantee menu point.

Just fill in the Online Appointment form. It is possible to get an appointment for the treatment on short notice. Normally, you should expect to wait 2 or 3 weeks. During vacation times, Christmas, Easter holiday and national holidays etc. you should expect further delays. So it is advised to arrange appointments well in advance.

Yes, we are pleased to give any assistance and information on tickets. You can either take a plane, car, bus or train. You will have to purchase your ticket through the Internet though.

Our dental clinic offers a free transfer to and from the airport or railway station to your hotel.
The closest airports are in Vienna-Schwechat and Bratislava. The closest railway stations are in Hegyeshalom or Mosonmagyaróvár.
After your arrival, you are given a tourist information pack with a city map.

We can offer you hotel rooms in different price categories in the immediate vicinity, with easy access to the clinic. You can choose between different hotels, guesthouses, apartments and campsites etc.

It depends on the extent of the dental treatment. You will get a time-line together with the cost-estimate as well as any further and necessary information.
Usually you need to plan a stay for a week, but some treatments may require more time.
There are also some factors that cannot be foreseen, which may influence your time-line. E.g.: root canal treatment, inflammations, periodontitis, your medical condition, etc.

Mosonmagyaróvár is located in northwestern Hungary, a few kilometers from the Austrian and Slovakian borders. The city is at the center of the traffic routes towards Budapest. This very good location allows the visitors of the city on the one hand to explore the nature reserve "Szigetköz", on the other hand easily reach the surrounding or distant cities.