If you want to replace a missing tooth, the implant-borne crown is the best solution. In contrast to bridge replacement, the adjacent teeth need not be ground down to replace a tooth.

Procedure of the implant-borne crown:
After the preliminary examination and preparation of an X-ray, the oral surgeon inserts the implant into the jawbone. After a healing period of about 3 months, we insert the gingivaformer screw into the implant, so that an aesthetic, natural effect can be achieved. After the gingiva formation, the implant crown is made in the dental laboratory. In the course of a final inspection, the structure is fixed by means of adhesive and screws.

Price of an implant with implant crown in Hungary
3 x Panorama - X-ray 120 €
1 x 3D CT 110 €
1 x ICX/Alpha-Bio Implant 440 €
1 x ICX/Alpha-Bio Implant head 150 €
1 x Ceramic fused to metal crown on implant 245 €
Medicines 40 €
Total: 1105 €

In the case of missing a tooth, it is possible to replace the tooth in the form of a bridge. In this case, the adjacent teeth are abrased by a dentist and will later be used as the bridge pillar of the 3 – unit bridge. The missing tooth is replaced by the bridge link between the bridge pillars.

Procedure for the replacement of a tooth with a 3 – unit bridge:
The dentist makes the necessary preliminary examinations and removes the adjacent abutment teeth. A dental imprint will be made, which will then serve as the basis for the temporary bridge. In the dental laboratory, the final bridge – which is then glued by the dentist – will be completed in about 1 week.

Price of a 3 unit bridge in Hungary
1 x Panorama - X-ray 40 €
2 x Preparation of the tooth 40 €
3 x Temporary crown 60 €
3 x Ceramic fused to metal crown 540 €
Total: 680 €