Thanks to bridge connections, the prothesis has a very tight fit in the mouth, but remains removable, is also very easy to remove or reset. These properties are especially advantageous for cleaning and maintenance. This prothesis is worn by 4 – 6 implants per jaw.

It is important to mention that a bridge prothesis can only be considered in the case of a toothless jaw.

If this were the case, one could consider the following standard calculation per jaw:

Bridge prothesis prices in Hungary
3 x Panorama - X-ray 120 €
1 x 3D CT 110 €
4 x Implant ICX/Alpha-Bio 1760 €
4 x Implant head ICX/Alpha-Bio 600 €
1 x Implant-born prothesis 2100 €
Medicines 40 €
Total: 4730 €

Prices include costs of material, laboratory and medical expenses.
The prices are for your information only. For a detailed treatment and cost plan please contact us.


A fixed prothesis, although there aren’t any own teeth, is the wish of many full denture wearers who are suffering.

All-on-4 / all-on-6 is a concept for the treatment of the toothless jaw with fixed dentures on 4/6 dental implants. The principle of the all-on-4 / all-on-6 concept is the special positioning of 4/6 implants. These are anchored at a defined distance and angle to each other and at a certain depth in the jawbone.

After inserting the implants, a previously made provisional bridge is screwed firmly to the implants. The final fixed bridge will be made and attached after approximately 3 months of healing.

In this treatment, the chewing comfort is much higher than with a full denture and even hard food can be chewed effortlessly as with your own teeth.

Package price: from € 7910, –