If the crown of a tooth is severely damaged and cannot be built with conservative dental treatment methods (e.g., filling), a crown is made. The tooth crown is fixed on the tooth with the help of cement, the removal of which should only be done by the dentist.

If several teeth are damaged or may be missing, they will either be replaced by a series of crowns or by a bridge. The bridge is a tooth construction whose “pillars” represent the neighboring teeth.

If the damage to a tooth goes to such an extent that there is no possibility of making a possible crown, but the root is still healthy, then you must strengthen the tooth with a pin so that the crown can be placed on top.

We recommend crowns, bridges

  • To replace large fillings when the tooth material is insufficient for a new filling
  • To protect weak teeth from demolition
  • To make broken teeth complete again
  • To form a bridge link
  • To fix on implants
  • To cover discolored, low-form teeth
  • To cover teeth that had already had a root canal treatment

The denture consists for the majority of a metal framework, which consists of precious metal (gold) or non-precious metal. The porcelain veneer comes on top of this metal framework – produced in the color that best suits the needs of the patient, so that the dentures harmonize with the color of the teeth in the mouth.

Metallfreie Kronen

In the field of completely aesthetic, flawless dentures you have to highlight the metal-free dentures. Advantages of metal-free crowns and bridges are that they are 100% metal-free and biocompatible. This type of tooth replacement allows a high accuracy of fitting. An increasingly important role is played by the all-ceramic or zirconium oxide crowns.

In this case, the impression made by the dentist after tooth preparation is recorded with the scanner. Based on the data, a computer-controlled device makes the framework, and the dental technician then makes the veneering. This procedure guarantees perfect aesthetics and high precision.


Dental crowns made entirely of porcelain do not contain an internal framework, so they are much more vulnerable than crowns with a zirconium framework.

Metal-ceramic crowns build on an inner metal framework,thus their light transparency decreases, also may gray over time the edges of the teeth.

Circonia crowns have a circonium framework in the shade of the teeth on which veneering porcelain can be obtained, thus enabling the production of durable, solid and esthetic dentures.

Setting of crowns, bridges and inlays (5 - 7 days)

Crowns, bridges and inlays are used to restore individual teeth, which are produced in cooperation with our dental laboratory approximately within one week.

  • Arrival
  • Day 1: Consultation, examination, preparation of the teeth (chiseling)
  • Day 3: Trial fitting
  • Day 5: Fitting of the final dental replacement
  • Departure

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