There are some patients who do not regularly go to check-ups because of their fear of dentists and dental care. Some people are afraid of the sound of the drill, someone else is afraid of the dentist as a person or of the needle used for the anesthetic, and then there are those who suffer of choking during a dental treatment.

Beyond the above, there are other reasons that can keep patients away from the dentists.

After all, a tooth problem can not only endanger the beautiful smile but also the health of the person after a while.

For patients who can not manage to overcome their anxiety or choking, the Empire Dent Clinic offers the option of performing dental treatment under anesthesia.

The general anesthetic / sedation is performed by an anesthesiologist and an assistant, the procedure is also monitored by the anesthesiologist.

Like any surgical procedure, it also harbors these dangers, but with appropriate expertise and technical knowledge as well as proper preparation, side effects and complications can be minimized.

Basically, one can choose in the Empire Dental Clinic of two methods:


We recommend it for longer dental treatments.
Sedation needs preparation. In case of healthy patients under 35 years of age, it is not necessary to perform previous instrumental examination. Before sedation an anaesthesiologist examines you and decides if your state is suitable for the procedure.

You get into a state similar to natural sleeping and we achieve painlessness in a combined way, by dosing local anaesthetic and intravenous analgesics.

The dosage of drugs is stopped at the end of the treatment and you wake up within 5-10 minutes. After sedation we keep you under monitoring for a couple of hours in a room specially equipped for this purpose and if no complications have occurred, you may leave for your home, attended by your companion.


Anaesthesia is recommended for dental surgery and lengthy dental treatments. Anaesthesia needs the same preparations as sedation. As this is a more serious and complicated procedure than the two above, it can only be applied on patients who do not suffer from any serious organic illness or undergo continuous medical treatment.

During anaesthesia, modern instruments help us continuously observe and keep in balance the basic physiological processes. At the end of the operation we stop dosing the drugs and also apply antagonist preparations if necessary. After the patient becomes conscious, they are referred to a so-called awakening room, where they remain under the supervision of our anaesthesiologist until all physiological processes return to normal and stable.

In the Empire Dent Clinic patients are met by internationally recongnized excellent dentists with a competence of more than 20 years of dentistry.