In the case of missing a tooth, it is possible to replace the tooth in the form of a bridge. In this case, the adjacent teeth are abrased by a dentist who will later be used as the bridge pillar of the 3 – unit bridge. The missing tooth is replaced by the bridge link between the bridge piers.

Procedure for the replacement of a tooth with a 3 – unit bridge:
The dentist makes the necessary preliminary examinations and removes the adjacent pillar teeth. An imprint will be made, which will then serve as the basis for the temporary bridge. In the dental laboratory, the final bridge – which is then glued by the dentist – will be completed in about 1 week.


Price of a 3 unit bridge in Hungary
1 x Panorama - X-ray 40 €
2 x Preparation of the tooth 40 €
3 x Temporary crown 60 €
3 x Ceramic fused to metal crown 540 €
Total: 680 €