Mosonmagyaróvár is located in northwestern Hungary, a few kilometers from the Austrian and Slovakian borders. The city is a transport hub between Vienna and Budapest. This very good location allows the visitors of the city on the one hand to explore the nature reserve “Szigetköz”, on the other hand easily reach the surrounding or distant cities.

The country is rich in versatile sights; National parks, viticulture on Lake Balaton, water tourism ont he Danube islands and because of the numerous thermal water sources Hungary became one of the most popular destination in Europe. The internationally famous music festivals (spring, summer, autumn festival) are interesting for every age group. The younger ones can relax at the Budapest Sziget Festival and the various music festivals on Lake Balaton, the older ones at the Opera House, the Palace of Arts and the Matthias Church. The accommodations offer a wide range of possibilities: from small guesthouses, through newly built hotels to renewed castles and manor houses. The Hungarian gastronomy is traditional. In high-quality Hungarian cuisine, this heritage is blended with modern trends. The Hungarian wines are the best companions of many delicious dishes.

It is important to mention the important health tourism in Hungary, including dental tourism. Because of the numerous thermal and healing water springs, the thermal baths and wellness hotels have increased, offering a rest for body and soul.

The country is popular from the point of view of dental tourismc because of its location in Central Europe. The training of the doctors and the technology are of Western level, but the prices are very favorable. The most important part of the dental tourism is the Western Hungary region of which Mosonmagyaróvár is the centre.

Dental tourism has become significant in the city for a decade. The Empire Dental Clinic in Mosonmagyaróvár and the internationally recognized dentists meet the highest expectations.

There are different reasons why you should visit these cities, e.g.: culture, shopping, entertainment (good pubs and music), relax etc.

Domestic destinations

  • Budapest (Capital of Hungary, ca. 180 kms)
  • Győr (Capital of the West Hungarian District, ca. 35 kms)
  • Sopron (The most loyal town of Hungary, ca. 80 kms)
  • Pannonhalma (Benedictine abbey, ca. 50 kms)
  • Lébény (one of the most beautiful and oldest roman churches of Hungary, ca. 20 kms)
  • Héviz (Hot spa paradise, ca. 150 kms)
  • Sárvár (Thermal bath and wellness, ca. 100 kms) etc.


  • Wien (Capital of Austria, ca. 80 kms)
  • Bratislava (Capital of Slovakia, ca. 30 kms)
  • Parndorf (Designers Outlet Shopping Center, ca. 20 kms)
  • Neusiedlersee (Sailing, Lake theater etc., ca. 30 kms) etc.