Dentures are made in a dental laboratory as a custom-made version of your dental and mouth imprint. A flesh-colored acrylic base is used. This is applied to your gums. The upper dental prosthesis covers the palate, while the denture for the lower jaw is horseshoe-shaped. The teeth are usually made of acrylic (plastic).

Full dentures can also be supported by implants. We can recommend it if the patient has no teeth but enough jawbone is available. This prothesis (called overdenture) is supported and held by implants. It is stabilized by the implants, and does not simply rest on the gums like a conventional prothesis. It also makes speaking easier, and you do not have to worry about the denture falling out of your mouth or loosening. In general, you will be able to eat foods that you would not be able to eat with a normal denture. When you wear an implant-supported prosthesis, it feels even more natural.