Was sagen unsere Patienten über uns

Willi Brändli
Hello dear Empire Team. At May 15th we came around for the annual control. Also the dental hygiene was due again. Dr. Attila Szomor is a very good dentist. He understands his craft very well. But the dear girls at the front desk are very nice and helpful. Aniko, Zsanett, and also Veronika are dear to my heart. We will come once every year to have a thorough control. I am already looking forward to see you next year.
E. Bastian
Dear dental team, I would like to thank you again for the whole treatment process. Since the beginning of contacting your clinic, the communication as well as the medical treatment were to my complete satisfaction. Sincerely, E. Bastian from Germany
I came recently to the clinic and got 2 implants: I have to say, it was not bad at all. It all happened very fast, the fear of the procedure was absolutely unnecessary. Meanwhile, no pain and none afterwards. Compliments to the very nice doctors and the team!
Ursula & Thomas
In the Empire Clinic, everything is really good: the medical treatment, the very friendly staff, the welcome coffee, the farewell red wine (at the first visit), help with the accommodation, the free bicycle rent, the good prices - if you enjoy complaining, so better not come here. Everyone else should come! See you soon, thank you and best regards, Ursula & Thomas
Markus E.
I recently had my upper teeth overcrowned. Dr. Toth and his assistant were very professional and accommodating. The result of my dental correction is better than expected. So I'm going to have my lower teeth fixed as well at the Empire Clinic. Thank you again . I will of course continue to recommend the clinic.